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Tom Woods 231 Super-Duty Tail Shaft Conversion Kit
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231 Super-Duty Tail Shaft Conversion Kit

Slip Yoke Eliminator, SYE, Tail Shaft Conversion, Fixed Yoke Kit,.... Call it whatever you want...If you want the Strongest & Most Versatile Kit Available, This is the Kit for You!

This conversion kit accepts the widest variety of drive shaft sizes and types.

Similar to most other heavy duty conversions but is made to run our unique flange. This allows for the installation of drive shafts in a 1210, 1310, 1330 & 1350 series drive shaft with a conventional two joint or CV (Double Cardan) drive shaft. The kit also allows you to use a 1410 series conventional two joint drive shaft. All without ever having to change the flange!

Who knows where your vehicle will evolve? With our conversion, you?re not limited to one drive shaft size or type. This flange also allows for the convenient mounting of a park brake rotor if you ever need or want.


This is an unheard of guarantee! If your Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shaft 231 Super-Duty output shaft or output flange ever breaks as a result of excessive torque or shock load, we will replace the broken parts or refund the price of the conversion, and we will also pay you $100!*

* Breakage due to a shaft or flange that has been overheated or broken by any deliberate means, such as a monster torsional testing machine, excepted.

Priced at only $575 complete with the CV drive shaft.**

** Based on 1310 series using our XC or XB slip yoke & spline stub.
Prices with other options will vary.


Driveshaft joint options


Parts included in the HD-231 kit

We have made a special quantity buy commitment of 100 kits with drive shafts. When they're gone, they're gone.  So make sure to get in on this special discount!!

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