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Teraflex CRD60R Front TJ 97-current - Uni Bearing


The New CRD60R, like the original Tera60R provides high-clearance for the trail, reinforced bearing caps for added strength, and a custom mounting pad on top for three or four-link suspensions or torque control struts. The CRD60R is the second Tera center section to use the "Constant Radius Design". This feature provides high ground clearance that is unaffected by pinion angle adjustments. Even with all these features, Tera has added new features to make the CRD 60R the ultimate choice for off-roaders.

The CRD60R's front pinion bearing pocket has a renewable oil reservoir that replenishes as you drive and keeps a reserve of oil that constantly bathes the pinion bearing in cooling oil, something that no other high pinion axle can offer. Oil from the ring gear creates a halo in all differentials and does not fling until higher speeds are reached. The CRD60R has a built in "skimmer" that cuts the halo and forces oil up to the pinion bearings.

Maximum housing oil capacity (over 3 qts.) ensures cool operation for extended highway driving. The front pinion bearing is larger than any axle on the market today, this feature helps the pinion carry the heavy loads placed on it in rear applications. Why do we take these extra steps? At Tera we know that high pinion axles were not designed to go in rear applications, so we had to do it right. Professional Rockcrawlers demand the most from their vehicles. Extreme rockcrawling puts more pressure on a drive train than any other motorsport. Heavy shock loads created by serious traction, wheelspin and hop act like an impact driver on axles. Tera axles have been tested by the toughest rockcrawlers in the industry and have proven themselves to be the axle that can be trusted in the heat of competition, or on the trail. To win a series championship you need to be consistent, and have the best components and products available.

Top rockcrawlers know what it takes to win. Tera axles are known for their reliable and consistent performance. That is why event after event these drivers trust their Tera axles to hold up and get them to the top. Tera CRD60R axles are the first true innovation in the axle industry in over 30 years. They have been engineered and designed to maximize protection, performance and durability. If the Tera CRD60R can hold up to the abuse that the best of the best can dish out, then it will hold up to anything. Step up to the advantages of the Tera CRD60R today.



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