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Rubicon Express RE7205 97-02 TJ 5.5\" Extreme Duty, FREE SYE Combo
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Rubicon Express RE7205 97-02 TJ 5.5" Extreme Duty, FREE SYE Combo

Rubicon Express - RE7205 5.5" Extreme Duty Long Arm for 97-02 Jeep TJ Wranglers.



Free Advance Adapters SYE and Tom Woods Custom Driveshaft.

Rubicon Express - RE7205 5.5" Extreme Duty Long Arm for Jeep TJ Wranglers.

The Extreme Duty Long Arm kit delivers: The Rubicon 5.5-inch Extreme-Duty TJLA suspension system is the most advanced, best performing suspension system available for the TJ. Designed as a complete replacement suspension system, the Extreme-Duty kit maintains proper control arm and steering geometry by using our longer than stock control arms. The given is improved stability, the bonus is reduced torque roll, brake jack, enhanced traction, and climbing ability. Their TJLA system was the first of its type, and is still the industry standard. They have improved our TJLA with the addition of a 3-piece belly pan, which improves service access to T-case and trans. To improve performance even more, we have worked extensively and calculated the right valve codes for proper shock dampening with our Extreme-Duty mono-tube shocks. Increased wheel travel for better traction off road Minimized axle steer through the suspension cycle Decreased torque roll, providing a safer, more controllable vehicle The kit comes complete with all necessary components including new, heavy duty 4130 steel arms measuring 36" long, a high clearance cross member, and relocated and adjustable front and rear track bars. This kit is 100% bolt on, however, it does require the removal of the factory lower control arm brackets.

Note: The installation of a slip yoke eliminator (SYE) and CV driveshaft on the stock NP231 transfer case is required. The Rubicon NP241 requires a CV yoke or Adapter for the Harmonic Balancer instead of an SYE.


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 Rubicon Express is the leading TJ, YJ, XJ, KJ Jeep Lift kit and Suspension Manufacturer. Rubicon Express can get you there!



Rubicon Express is a leading Jeep Lift Kit Suspension Manufacturer - Top Quality Jeep Suspension systems and other Jeep Parts. Affordable Rubicon Express Lift Kits and Upgrades, Available for Fast Shipping - Coil Spring Spacers, Long Arm Upgrade Kits, Extreme Duty Crossmember Kits. Rubicon Express offers a host of Jeep suspension lift kits for your vehicle. All of Their components are designed to work as a system with their suspension lift kits.

Rubicon Express Suspension Kits and Upgrades

Rubicon Express Jeep suspension lift kits are known around the world for their high performance on the roughest off-road terrains. These Jeep lift kits and upgrade kits provide anywhere from 2-7.5" of extra lift to get you up and over those ridges and boulders. Choose from a wide variety of Rubicon Express Jeep lift kits and upgrades, including: Super-Flex kits, Super-Ride kits, Spacer kits with shocks, Extreme-Duty long arm kits, long arm upgrade kits, and Extreme Crossmember kits. No matter which kit you choose, you'll get high quality Super-Flex control arms with the package, fully equipped with Super-Flex bushings and joints. Get unparalleled articulation when you install Rubicon Express control arms and lift kits on your Jeep.

Rubicon Express Suspension Systems come with or without Shocks

A Rubicon Express suspension system without shocks is a reliable, valuable add-on for your Jeep. If you're planning on doing some hardcore off-roading, you need a suspension system that's up for the challenge. Rubicon Express lift kits come with superior quality control arms to make sure you can conquer even the harshest terrains. These Rubicon Express suspension systems come without shocks.

With these Rubicon Express complete suspension systems, you get both the lift kit and a new set of shocks for unrivaled strength, performance, and value. Install Rubicon Express long arm suspension kits for enhanced traction when you're off-roading, as well as smooth handling for highway driving. No matter which model or year of Jeep you own, you're almost guaranteed to find a Rubicon Express lift kit for your application.

Rubicon Express Coil Spring Spacers

If you're looking to add a little lift to your coil spring kit, you can do it with Rubicon Express Coil Spring Spacers. Not only are they simple to install, but they also maintain the high performance of your original coil spring kit. Rubicon Express coil spring spacers are the perfect solution for balancing out extra weight from a winch, tire carrier, or upgraded bumper; they'll also provide the extra inches you need for larger tires and wheels.

Rubicon Express Extreme Duty Crossmember Kit

When converting to a long arm suspension kit, Rubicon Express Extreme-Duty Crossmembers are the lifeline of the system. Mount the control arms, transfercase, and transmission all on the crossmember. This addition actually strengthens the frame, thanks to specially designed brackets. Plus, you can easily access the transmission and transfercase for servicing without having to uninstall any of the suspension parts, thanks to a drop-out center section.

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