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Rubicon Express - RE7003 3.5 Super-Flex Free Twin Tube Shocks
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Rubicon Express - RE7003 3.5 Super-Flex Free Twin Tube Shocks

Rubicon Express - RE7003 3.5 Super-Flex




The RE7003 TJ/LJ 3.5-inch Super-Flex Kit is a great value, mid-level priced suspension system for your TJ/LJ. With off-road performance better than other brands, our RE7003 Super-Flex system inspires confidence. Keeping many of the proven attributes of the RE7000, the RE7003 is perfect for those who demand a lower center of gravity. Like most Rubicon systems, the RE7003 can also be upgraded.



Note: The installation of a slip yoke eliminator and CV driveshaft on the stock NP231 transfer case is recommended. The installation of a CV yoke and CV driveshaft on the stock Rubicon NP241 transfer case is recommended. Upper adjustable rear control arms are required for CV driveshaft use.


For TJ and LJ owners who want less lift than the 4.5" system at a more affordable price, look no further than the 3.5" Super-Flex System. Riding much like its slightly taller counterpart, this system improves upon the factory ride, while adding 3.5 inches of lift to augment flexibility and articulation. Plus the 3.5" kit can always be upgraded to the 4.5" should you decide to change your mind in the future.


Technical Details

  • Fits 1997 to 2006 TJ Wrangler 2004-2006 LJ Wranglers
  • Features new coil springs
  • Bump stops
  • Extended sway bar end links

  • The stock control arms, track bar and other components are to be reused
  • Shocks included
  • Max Tire Size: 33x12.50
  • Fits 1997 to 2006 TJ Wrangler
  • Short arm system
  • Designed for on and off-road performance
  • Includes tuned lift springs, stainless steel front brake lines
  • Bump stops
  • Front and Rear lower fixed control arms
  • SYE and rear CV drive shaft available
  • Specifically valved mono-tube shocks should be used with this kit for maximum performance
  • Rubicon Express Advantage Lifetime Warranty


Substitutions Welcome!! Just give us a call or email us at info@4x4groupbuy.com

Or Order Just the Lift kit itself and Save!


 Rubicon Express is the leading TJ, YJ, XJ, KJ Jeep Lift kit and Suspension Manufacturer. Rubicon Express can get you there!



Rubicon Express is a leading Jeep Lift Kit Suspension Manufacturer - TopQuality Jeep Suspension Systems and other Jeep Parts. Affordable RubiconExpress Lift Kits and Upgrades, Available for Fast Shipping - Coil SpringSpacers, Long Arm Upgrade Kits, Extreme Duty Crossmember Kits. RubiconExpress offers a host of Jeep suspension lift kits for your vehicle. All ofTheir components are designed to work as a system with their suspension liftkits.

Rubicon Express Suspension Kits and Upgrades
Rubicon Express Jeep suspension lift kits are known around the world for their high performance on the roughest off-road terrains. These Jeep lift kits and upgrade kits provide anywhere from 2-7.5" of extra lift to get you up and over those ridges and boulders. Choose from a wide variety of Rubicon Express Jeep lift kits and upgrades, including: Super-Flex kits, Super-Ride kits, Spacer kits with shocks, Extreme-Duty long arm kits, long arm upgrade kits, and Extreme Crossmember kits. No matter which kit you choose, you'll get high quality Super-Flex control arms with the package, fully equipped with Super-Flex bushings and joints. Get unparalleled articulation when you install Rubicon Express control arms and lift kits on your Jeep.
Rubicon Express Suspension Systems without Shocks
Rubicon Express Suspension Systems without Shocks
A Rubicon Express suspension system without shocks is a reliable, valuable add-on for your Jeep. If you're planning on doing some hardcore off-roading, you need a suspension system that's up for the challenge. Rubicon Express lift kits come with superior quality control arms to make sure you can conquer even the harshest terrains. These Rubicon Express suspension systems come without shocks.
With these Rubicon Express complete suspension systems, you get both the lift kit and a new set of shocks for unrivaled strength, performance, and value. Install Rubicon Express long arm suspension kits for enhanced traction when you're off-roading, as well as smooth handling for highway driving. No matter which model or year of Jeep you own, you're almost guaranteed to find a Rubicon Express lift kit for your application.
Rubicon Express Coil Spring Spacers
If you're looking to add a little lift to your coil spring kit, you can do it with Rubicon Express Coil Spring Spacers. Not only are they simple to install, but they also maintain the high performance of your original coil spring kit. Rubicon Express coil spring spacers are the perfect solution for balancing out extra weight from a winch, tire carrier, or upgraded bumper; they'll also provide the extra inches you need for larger tires and wheels.
Rubicon Express Extreme Duty Crossmember Kit
When converting to a long arm suspension kit, Rubicon Express Extreme-Duty Crossmembers are the lifeline of the system. Mount the control arms, transfercase, and transmission all on the crossmember. This addition actually strengthens the frame, thanks to specially designed brackets. Plus, you can easily access the transmission and transfercase for servicing without having to uninstall any of the suspension parts, thanks to a drop-out center section.

Rubicon Express - RE7003 3.5 Super-Flex Free Twin Tube Shocks 5.0000 out of 5 based on 3 ratings.

Reviews on this item

David Hooten

2005 LJ Rubicon: 3.5? R.E. SF, 33x12.50r15 wrangler MT/R Kevlar. Install: After much research I decided on the R.E. 3.5? super flex system for my 2005 LJ Rubicon. I got the mono-tube shocks and upgraded to adj. lower control arms. I also purchased the adj. front track bar. I installed this lift in the garage with the help of a friend and the instructions in about 8 hours, taking our time. The kit was extremely complete and the instructions were easy to understand. The only extra item I went to the store for was a drill bit needed for the new track bar. We only used the drill to install the track bar and the front extended bump stops. On my LJ Rubicon the rear drive-shaft is longer than a TJ and has a slip yoke eliminator from the factory. With the help of the adj. lower control arms I was able to skip the transfer case lowering kit and have no driveline vibrations at all. The rear R.E. mono-tube shocks install upside down as compared to standard shocks eliminating the clearance issue that can cause the axle housing to come in contact with the shock tube during flexing. The grease fittings on the super flex joints are on top of the control arm protected from rocks. One deviation I would recommend from the installation instructions is to invest in a good tap set for installing the front bump stop extensions. The supplied self tapping bolts are not up to the task of tapping the hardened steel of the spring perch. I spent about 1 hour threading the two holes. My buddy spent about 3 trying to remove one of the self tapping bolts when it broke during his install. On the street: With the new 33? MT/R tires installed my Jeep measures 24? from the ground to the bottom of the rocker panel under the doors. I have less bump-steer than I did from the factory and the ride is very forgiving. It is much smoother than a friend??s Pro Comp 4?. I had to replace the factory auto transmission skid plate. The drive shaft rubbed on the factory skid??s support while the Jeep was sitting level. Off road: The added height and flex were amazing off-road. The new design of the R.E. quick disconnects included with the lift were very easy to disconnect/reconnect. All the parts are self contained so there??s nothing to lose. The lift performed very well rock crawling on Texas granite. I don??t know the limits of the lift yet as I drove the same trails that my stock jeep had trouble with and did not get stuck once. The shocks kept the Jeep planted and were not nearly as bouncy as other Jeeps on the trail. Customer Service and Price: I don??t think you??ll find a lift with this much value anywhere else. The prices at 4x4groupbuy.com couldn??t be beat either, and the cost for upgrades such as adj. track bar and control arms was amazing. After the first off road trip I noticed that the rubber bushings on my control arms had blown out. (My buddies R.E. lift had no issues.) Sean at R.E. and Jason at 4x4groupbuy explained that there was an issue with a batch of bushings and mailed new ones out to me at no charge. I appreciate standing behind the product and would highly recommend buying your R.E. lift through 4x4group buy.

Ryan Gilkinson

Awesome kit installation was a breeze. One thing to note is if you plan to run any additional spacers even as small as 3/4 inch you will need an adjustable tack bar and a drop pitman arm. The stock track bar will no longer fit with the extra spacer and the pitman arm is required for the steering linkage to clear the sway bar link mounts on the axle. Ride is close to stock but still a little more rough.

Nick Francoforte

Just got finished installing this kit on my stock 98 Sahara; wasn't a bad install when you consider working in your driveway and alone. Get a good set of metric tools and a good breaker bar. I also included the Rubicon Monotube shocks and RE adjustable front track bar. Height and ride is excellent for my needs but I haven't tried it off-road yet. The price was fantastic compared to everyone else selling this kit. Thanks Jason!

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