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by John Davis

As for the tires today on the rocks..... DAMN!!! Those things stick like glue! I have never had a set of tires that are brand new like that sound like they are literally glued to the rock when I am driving! That was sweet! Made some teenagers drool! Here is another teaser for you!
and another....
No... I don't go easy on things... I PUT THEM THROUGH THE RINGER!!!! This is 6 psi, no beadlock, 10" wide rim, undercut rock that sticks out to catch the sidewall!!!!! The ultimate torture test!!! And I have it on video!!!!!!!! NO PROBLEM!!!! Crawled right through it! I can't wait till you make me a 47 in these for the next truck!!!
Talk to you tomorrow, Later bud!
Matt Klouzek

Date Added: Friday 30 May, 2008
Rating: 5

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