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Pitbull Rocker Tire 33x13.5-15 C
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Pitbull Rocker Tire 33x13.5-15 C

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Pit Bull Tires will take you where you want to go. Make sure to check out all the great sizes in the Pit Bull Rocker, Pit Bull Maddog and the Pit Bull Growler


Extreme Off-Road

Our most aggressive dog specifically designed for Rock Crawling and extreme off-road applications. Yet very road friendly in comparison to similar off-road tires.

For those of you who need some assurance before making decisions, here's some info:

Real Sidewall Protectors - that help protect the sidewall and rims from impact.

Rim Guards - gotta have em

All Bite No Bark noise resistant technology

Sidewall Traction designed using Fang Technology - what's Fang Technology? Look at the pictures and see for yourself.

Construction/rubber designed using Tear It Up Technology - whats Tear It Up Technology? You can't tell from looking at our tires. Its our secret on why our tires are so cut resistant, puncture resistant and heat resistant. Which translates into a longer lasting tire providing many hours of hassle-free Off-Road pleasure.

Deep lugs - designed for excellent cleanout.

Sipes - Strategically placed for maximum traction and easy cleanout.

Cool sidewall designs - Different style lettering on either side of the Rocker & Maddog and other Tire Tattoos

U.S. & Intl Patented tread designs - We have something that no one else hasyou can see for yourself in the pictures.

Pitbull Tires are the only that bites back against the obstacles on the trail. Make sure to check out all the new sizes in Pitbull's Maddog, Rocker and Growler Tires. Also Make sure to check out the New Radial Tires from Pitbull.

 Pitbull Tires is the leading manufacturer for your Off-road tire use. Make sure to check out the new Pitbull Radial tire sizes. Pitbull now has released new Rocker Radial sizes. Don't forget to checkout the Pitbull Growler Radial and Pitbull Maddog Radial as well. 



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