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Ox Locker for Dana 30 3.55-down 30 Spline FREE Heavy Duty Diff Cover
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OX High Performance Locking Differentials

Ox Locker for Dana 30 3.55-down 30 Spline FREE Heavy Duty Diff Cover



OX Locker Hi-Lights!

  • 100% MADE IN THE USA.
    • Lockers are made of 8620 steel. SAME AS RING AND PINION GEARS
    • Only FORGED and heat treated steel. NO CAST PARTS HERE
    • Exclusive 4 spider gear design on ALL OX Lockers.
    • HEAVY DUTY Steel Diff Cover. Included FREE with each locker
    • Back Cut gear tooth locking ring and locking gear. DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM LOCKING FORCE!
    • Optional Air Actuation System

    Precision Machined Cover!

    Extra thick billet or forged differential cover. Built to withstand the rigors of offroad. Maintains a stable platform for proper shift fork action. Machined frontal ramp deflects rocks and minimizes damage. No need for extra differential skid plates.

    Sure Shifting Engagement

    Locker engagement is provided by using our super durable manual shifter assembly. Built using billet machined aluminum and steel components. Easy and sure shift action leaves no doubt when you are locked up. This will feed through our custom designed aerospace quality cable assembly. All this adds up to reliability, no leaks, no shorts.

    Four Pin Internal Design

    Utilizes the proven four spider gear internals. Unique four pin design provides the most strength available of any locker available. This is coupled with an outer case made from 8620 gear steel forged and heat treated to make the OX case virtually indestructible. This design will also be found on the "c-clip" Dana 35 unit, making it the only four pin Dana 35 made!

    Extreme Grip Lock Ring

    Recently improved to feature a "back cut" gear tooth design. Taken from Porsche racing technology, this design was a proven solution to high load manual transmission issues. This shift ring is made to find engagement and hold on till you tell it to let go. Case hardened and through hardened to match the quality of the rest of the locker

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