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Banks Six-Gun Bundle, Single Exhaust Ford 2005-07 6.0L ECLB
Banks Six-Gun Bundle, Single Exhaust Ford 2005-07 6.0L ECLB Banks Six-Gun Bundle, Single Exhaust Ford 2005-07 6.0L ECLB Banks Six-Gun Bundle, Single Exhaust Ford 2005-07 6.0L ECLB Banks Six-Gun Bundle, Single Exhaust Ford 2005-07 6.0L ECLB
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Products Description



Banks Six-Gun® Bundle

05-07 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke


Six-Gun Bundle is a total engineered power system for 6.0L Power Stroke sport and racing applications.

With free-breathing intake and exhaust upgrades that balance the advanced tuning, Six-Gun Bundle improves engine efficiency, increases durability and keeps exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) down. As a result, you have more continuous, useable power (+138 hp and +231 lb-ft at the rear wheels). Six-Gun Bundle delivers ground-ripping power with endurance!

Important: Read the Application Notes below before ordering. 

Six-Gun Bundle Includes:

Six-Gun® Diesel Tuner

  • Calibrated for racing & sport
  • Highest proven HP & torque
  • Power adjusts on-the-fly
  • Tunes pulse width, timing & fuel pressure
  • Exclusive, built-in engine & transmission safeguards

Banks PowerPDA® Vehicle Command Center

Six-Gun® Diesel Tuner and Banks iQ™


Calibrated for racing and sport, Six-Gun delivers pavement-shredding best gains of +115 hp and +206 lb-ft at the rear wheels; has 6 change-on-the-fly power levels (7 with Banks iQ); is Stacked for Power® to tune pulse width, timing and fuel pressure; and has exclusive AutoRate™ and ActiveSafety® engine and transmission safeguards.

It's pure genius: Banks iQ™ Dashboard PC

Banks iQ is over 5 inches of awesome! Use it for total control of your Six-Gun Tuner. Achieve best gains with a touch of your finger. Set and monitor EGT, coolant temps and a vast array of other engine parameters. Time performance runs. Scan/define/clear vehicle diagnostic codes. Open and read your Microsoft® Office documents. Work with the on-screen keyboard and calculator, watch videos, view pictures, listen to your favorite music, and much more. Banks iQ is so useful, you'll want to take it everywhere. With its rechargeable battery and out-of-vehicle portability, you can!

Banks Ram-Air® Intake System

  • Outflows stock up to 38%
  • Enclosed housing keeps out power-robbing hot air
  • Lifetime filter easy to monitor & clean
  • Uses factory bellows; accommodates engine movement for longer life
  • Cooler temps, more power & fuel economy, less smoke

Monster® Exhaust: Single or Diesel Duals

  • 4" stainless constant-diameter system
  • Flows up to 92% better than stock
  • Virtually eliminates backpressure
  • Rich, throaty exhaust sound
  • Duals system safely clears spare tire

Note: Split-duals are for single-rear wheel applications only.

Monster muffler

  • Polished-stainless with straight-through 4" diameter flow path
  • Exclusive expansion chamber dissipates annoying mid-range drone
  • More than doubles stock flow
  • Rich & authoritative, but never overpowering, exhaust sound

Application Notes

Split-dual exhaust applies to single-rear wheel applications only (they do not fit appropriately on duallys)

Vehicles built prior to 10/03: are 2003 models.

Vehicles built 10/03 or later: are 2004 models.


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