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Six-Gun® Advanced Tuner and PowerPDA Docking Station

Calibrated for racing and sport, Six-Gun delivers pavement-shredding best gains of +128 hp and +345 lb-ft at the rear wheels; has 6 change-on-the-fly power levels (7 with PowerPDA); is Stacked for Power® to tune pulse width, timing and fuel pressure; and has exclusive AutoRate® and ActiveSafety® engine and transmission safeguards.

A portable full-color touch-screen vehicle command center, Banks PowerPDA controls, monitors and records performance functions and up to 15 engine parameters. It times and logs performance runs, provides temp limiting safety, and scans/clears vehicle codes. PowerPDA makes Six-Gun??s best gains even better: +155 hp and +385 lb-ft at the rear wheels.

And the Palm® Tungsten? E2 PDA can be disconnected and taken with you to check your schedule and contact list, listen to MP3s, share digital pictures and more. (PDA sold separately)


Vehicle Command Center

  • Easy-to-use interface to Six-Gun
  • Tons of gauge options
  • Adjust power on-the-fly<
  • Time performance runs, log data (shown)
  • Scan & clear codes
  • On-screen & audible alerts
  • Customize power levels
  • Modify tuning parameters
  • Adjust for non-stock tire sizes
  • Easy review of max boost & EGT
  • Easy tuner updates

Tons of Gauge Options

PowerPDA displays six gauges at a time in the system monitor, including EGT and boost, system status, the current power level, and two user-selectable gauges (RPM, MPH, throttle position, barometric pressure, intake air temp, engine temp, trans temp, torque converter status, gear, trans slip and more).Many easy-to-read screen interfaces to choose from.


Adjust Power On-the-Fly

PowerPDA gives you six adjust-on-the-fly power levels. With Six-Gun, you also get a Speed-Loader level, for a total of seven power levels.

Time Performance Runs, Log Data

PowerPDA clocks your 0-60 mph, 1/4- and 1/8-mile performance runs, and the Hist-O-Graph Performance Test function records boost, EGT, and speed values, as well. Once your tire-scorching test is completed, a graph of the data is displayed. Performance runs are automatically stored with a time and date stamp for later retrieval.


Scan & Clear Codes

At the touch of a screen, PowerPDA gives you the same diagnostic capabilities as your service technician at the dealership. Unlike cheap generic scanners that don't give you all of the information you need, PowerPDA includes a comprehensive, accurate, up-to-date diagnostic dictionary of on-board trouble codes and their definitions for your vehicle. Scanning and clearing codes couldn't be easier!

On-Screen & Audible Alerts

On-screen and audible alerts can be set to notify you when engine conditions reach your pre-set limits. EGT, coolant temp and trans temp are monitored continuously.

Customize Speed-Loader® Power Level

With PowerPDA, you can customize the Speed-Loader power level. Fine-tune it for an assertive response or go with an all-out aggressive in-your-face power setting.

PowerPDA lets you get creative with the tuning, and gives you critical information about the parameter you want to modify. Tuning options include: accelerator pump, EGT limit, EGT overshoot time, coolant temp limits, trans slip fuel limit, fuel limit in each gear, and fuel limit during each shift. Each parameter has a default value and predefined range set by Banks engineers to give you ultimate control of your Six-Gun tuner.

Note: With Six-Gun Diesel Tuner only

Adjust for Non-Stock Tire Sizes

When you??re running non-stock tire sizes, Banks PowerPDA allows re-calibration of the vehicle speed parameter for accurate acceleration testing, using a chase vehicle or GPS for reference. (GPS device not included)


Easy Review of Max Boost & EGT

Why take chances when it comes to critical engine parameters? PowerPDA automatically records the peak boost and EGT reached during normal driving or performance tests for later retrieval and review.

Easy Tuner Updates

Update the Firmware in your Six-Gun or OttoMind without having to remove it from the vehicle. Six-Gun and OttoMind6 are occasionally updated and this makes it easy to ensure you are running Banks?? latest tuner Firmware.



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