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Artec Ultra SS Chassis
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Artec Ultra SS Chassis



The Ultra Super Sport chassis design was inspired by years of competitive rock crawling and desert racing. The idea was to make a chassis that would perform as well as it looked. To increase overall performance, weight and size were taken into consideration and the chassis' radius body lines and distinctive grill makes it stand out in the crowd.

With any rock sport chassis design, weight is a big concern. A minimalist approach has been taken with the Ultra SS chassis that allows less tubing than other chassis on the market, without compromising the safety of the passengers. A majority of the tubing on the chassis is 1.75" outer diameter, .120" wall thickness DOM seamless tubing. The remaining tubes are 1.5" OD and 1.25" and the wall thickness remains .120". By using less tubing that is thicker, this allows maximum space for packaging components in the chassis.

Main features and benefits:

  • By utilizing small block engines, the motor can be set further back into the chassis for better weight distribution.
  • Adjustable 4-link brackets are incorporated into the chassis.
  • Rear suspension will allow use of either trailing arms or axle mounted shocks.
  • Uses off the shelf fuel cells up to 32 gallons
  • Front or rear mounted radiator
  • Sway bar tubes front and rear included in the bumpers
  • Use of long rolled tubing for high visibility and attractive lines
  • RACE PROVEN! We've tested the design in many races including Dirt Riot Southwest SERIES  (1st Place), American Rock Sports Challenge (4th place), King of the Hammers (9th place), and Top 5 finishes in regional short course and rockcrawling events. From high speed rollovers to quarter pipe launches, the chassis has needed NO REPAIRS.

Chassis Specs:

  • Outside width - 55 inches
  • Roof width - 48 inches
  • Overall chassis length - 12 feet
  • Height from bottom skid to roof - 55 inches
  • Bare chassis Weight - 525 lbs
  • Wheelbase shown - 112 inches
  • Wheelbase range - 108 inches to 116 inches
  • Rear travel - 21 inches (trailing arms), 16 inches (axle mount)
  • Front travel - 14 to 16 inches
  • Engine size capacity - Any SMALL BLOCK
  • Tire size range - 37 to 42 inches
Optional upgrades include: .188 wall rocker tubes, skid plates, control arms, gas tank mount, axles trusses, battery mounts and much more, all the way to a turnkey vehicle.

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