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Tom Woods Custom Built Driveshaft and Advance Adapters HD SYE Kit

This kit fits All TJ's and Unlimiteds (Non-Rubicon Models) and all XJ's with NP231 Transfercase

50-7906 (Driveshaft modifications required);

The Jeep NP231 is one of the most commonly used transfer cases today. Itis a chain-driven, planetary designed gear box with a low ratio of 2.72 to 1. For the average 4-wheeler, this is a good transfer case.

One of the biggest faults of this transfer case is the overall length. At 20+ inches, thiscreates an extremely short rear driveshaft in the Jeep YJ & TJ Wranglers.

This short rear driveline becomes even more crucial when the vehicle is lifted or a transmission swap isperformed. In addition, when a lift kit is installed, larger tires are usually the next upgrade.

Strength and driveline angle of the output shaft then becomes a concern.To make the NP231 better suited for these upgrades, AA has designed their?Fixed Yoke? kit with the best features available.

They manufacture a new one-piece tail housing that will add 3-1/2 - 4" to your rear driveline length on a YJ, and up to 6? on a TJ. This will allow you to obtain a better driveshaft angle and eliminate drivelinevibrations. We also manufacture a new 32 spline output shaft that is over 50% stronger than stock. This kit, along with a new 1310 series C.V. yoke, makes the NP231 a better transfer case for trail use. A full set of installation instructions isprovided to assist in the installation of this kit.

This is a Custom Built Driveshaft. We do need a measurement on your stock setup to build this. Lift doesn't need to be installed to get the driveshaft built in advance usually. Check out the Extra Images for where to Measure From.

If you have a YJ or XJ we also need you to measure your rear Ujoint at the rear axle. See extra images for where to measure there too.

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