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Pro Comp All Terrain Tire 265/75 R16
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Pro Comp All Terrain Tire 265/75 R16



(1) 50,000 Mile Street Tough Warranty - Severe Weather Rating

Pro Comp?s Advantage - Advanced tread technology
stomps the competition. Only the Pro Comp All Terrain
has a 50,000 mile warranty and a Severe Weather rating.

(2) Dualguard? Polyester Body PliesDualguard?

Polyester Body Plies consist of thick 2 ply polyester
construction combined with a blend of dual side wall
rubber allowing for maximum puncture resistance
with total flexibility when using lower air pressure
off-road without excessive heat build up.

(3) Elliptical Siping Pattern

Pro Comp?s Advantage - Deep siping runs throughout
the tread and interlocking shoulder lugs provide extra
biting edges for excellent all weather traction.
Tread pattern also allows for superior gripping power
in snow conditions allowing the Pro Comp All Terrain to
have its Severe Weather Rating. Only the Pro Comp
All Terrain has this feature.

(4) Dual Radius Tread Arc

Pro Comp?s Advantage - The dual radius tread arc
increases the tread contact patch for greater traction,
maximizing treadwear and smooth even wear throughout
the tread life. 50,000 mile warranty.

(5) 50 Degree Triple Center Lug Design

Pro Comp?s Advantage - Open high-void, all terrain,
50 degree interlocking center treads provide
excellent traction in dirt, sand and snow while
maximizing wear and performance.

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