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The Window Roll P/N 10-ST-9100 is designed for Jeep 87-06 Wranglers
including the 2003-2006 Unlimited.  Additionally, it will work on CJ's as long as there are zip out windows.  

The nylon bag is water resistant and coated to prevent dirt/dust from getting on the felt. Plus all our products are made in the U.S.A., including our Convert-A-Top.

The Window Roll Functions with the top up or down. This makes it very versatile. Not only are your windows with you at all times, they are protected from scratches. The Window Roll keeps your windows from taking up valuable passenger seating and from being stepped on or flying out of the Jeep.


On long rides you can enjoy the sunshine during the day and re-install the windows when the sun goes down. Have you ever hesitated taking your windows out and leaving them at home with because the there are clouds in the sky? Now you don't have to because they stay with you all the time!


The Window Roll Wraps your zip-out windows between layers of Soft felt and then tucks them into a durable nylon bag. The Bag can then be attached with the straps and buckles to your roll bar or hung in the garage or anywhere!

Shown left is a TJ with the Window Roll on the folded down top.  Your windows are out of the way and readily available.


Installation is a Snap

1) Lay the felt onto a flat surface and insert the rear window first, with the tailgate bar at the closed end of the felt as shown.  Cover the rear window with the next flap.  If there is no clean area, use the hood of the Jeep (We do this off road).



2) Insert the quarter (side) windows and cover each.  Position the windows so that they rest next to the tailgate bar of the rear window as shown. 




3) Roll up the felt from the open end and use the provided straps to hold the roll closed.  Place this roll into the nylon outer bag.  The window roll is now ready to be strapped to the roll bar on the folded down top or the tub if the top is up.  Also, the Window Roll can be stored easily at home or garage.  Simply hang by the straps or stand in any corner of the house.


Fully detailed instructions are provided with each Window Roll.

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